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It’s getting harder to choose a laptop these days because of the many options available, but contrary to what the selection headache might have you believe, that’s a good thing. If you’re like me, then you want your laptop to have all the latest bells and whistles, have a sleek, lightweight design, and a reasonable price tag. If you are in the market for such a laptop, then why not go with one of the Macbook air models, the Apple MacBook Air. The mmgf2lla is what you’ve been looking for – a MacBook that offers you the best of all that you are bound to find in the Macbook Air generations.


· Sleek, modern design

· Fast core i5 processor


· Good battery life


· No Ethernet or HDMI ports

· Low screen resolution

· Limited storage

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Apple MacBook Air MMGF211

Apple MacBook Air MMGF2ll – Sleek and Powerful

More often than not, you’ll find a laptop that has some great features but lacks in the display or is too heavy to carry around. The MacBook Air MMGF22L solves all those problems, and it does it in style.

If you are looking for a quality laptop that will go the distance and allows you to work for hours without any interruption, then the Apple MacBook Air should be right up your alley.

But, don’t take my word for it, have a look at some of the features here. This is by far, the best of the Macbook Air versions, and that’s saying a lot considering there have been quite a few generations of Macbook Air.

Design / Build Quality / Durability

By now, you can recognize the Apple MacBook Air from a mile away thanks to its universally recognized silhouette, which has remained unchanged for the most part for the past decade. On the outside, you get no surprises with Apple going with the same sleek aluminum design.

In fact, this minimalist approach has been such a hit that it has been copied by quite a few other brands as well. The sturdy structure provides great protection for the core 15 processor and other hardware.


The Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL is powered by a 1.6Hz Intel Core i5 processor, which is clocked at 2.7 GHz turbo speed, which gives you enough speed to get work done.

The processor is nicely complimented with an Intel HD Graphics 6000 card and has plenty of RAM (8GB to be exact), which provides you with enough power to carry out tasks at the office or enjoy your favorite games. The fast core i5 processor makes this a great deal.

Since speed is a major factor, especially if you will be using this device to work on processor-heavy editing software or your favorite games, you can rest assured that it will deliver high-quality performance in any setting.

Portability (Size and Weight)

The Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL measures in at 10.5 inches long and is 14.2 inches wide, which is what you would expect with a 13-inch laptop. When it comes to portability, the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL boasts of a portable and lightweight design that weighs in at just around 5.3 pounds.

This makes the MMGF2LL incredibly comfortable to carry around for those who are always on the go and are looking for a reliable laptop to keep them company.

Battery Life

While this laptop comes with plenty of features that easily gives it a spot on the best laptops list, but where the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL really shines is its battery life. The Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL has a large battery that gives you up to 11 hours of battery life, which is great news.

But, the long battery life is even more impressive once you realize that this is a touchscreen laptop, which means that you can work on the MMGF2LL for the whole working day without it giving up on you. The best part is that the battery life is not easily drained by the fast Core i5 processor.


One of the main selling points of the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL is that it has been built with the user in mind. To that end, you get to enjoy a comfortable keyboard that features a chiclet-style design, which feels great even after punching the keys for long hours.

The keyboard is backlit, which is what you’d expect from a device from Apple. The glass-covered trackpad is also incredibly easy to use and is a nice addition to the overall design of the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL, and is what you’d expect to keep up with the fast core i5 processor.

The trackpad of this laptop also offers multi-touch gestures that are smooth due to the core i5 processor, which is another great addition to the trackpad design. You also get extra Force-Click on this laptop’s trackpad, which is something that you notice right out the box. This is the same feature that wowed us on the 12-inch MacBook but was weirdly absent in Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup.

The good news is that you will have this feature in the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL. It’s safe to say that the trackpad is as efficient as the core i5 processor is fast in this machine.

Display Quality & Screen Size

The Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL features a 13.3-inch display, which is enough if you are not looking for a large laptop, but rather, something that fits nicely in your backpack and is not a hassle to carry around.

If you are looking for such a medium-size laptop, then the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL is a great fit and comes with the efficient core i5 processor that gives you that quality Intel HD.

This laptop also features a native resolution of 1440 x 900, which isn’t anything to write home about but offers a decent display.

You also get a glossy finish and a LED backlight technology that’s been added to the mix to enhance picture quality in the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL.

The great thing about the screen of this laptop is that it is energy efficient, which allows you to get more out of it with every charge.

The core i5 processor lets users experience true HD graphics like never before, powered by the Intel core.


At a lowish price for an Apple device, the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL offers some great features, such as, Intel graphics 6000, has a compact design, and has a long battery life, which just about ticks all of the boxes of must-haves when it comes to a medium-size laptop.

With its price tag, this laptop is a steal considering you get a fast core i5, Intel HD, thanks to the Intel HD graphics 6000, flash storage, and a fast dual core processor that powers the 13.3. inch screen for up to 12 hours.

The price is always going to be one of the main deciding factors when it comes to getting one, but this option is not only affordable, but also gives you all the features you would want in a top shelf device.


The Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL features an Intel Core i5 processor, but you already knew that. You also get a 4GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1,600MHz, which is good enough for you to carry out processor-heavy tasks at work or at home.

The flash storage option makes sure you have enough space to view files in Intel HD graphics. This device offers just the right amount of memory that will help you work on demanding software or play some of your favorite games without any hassle.

Storage Space

When it comes to storage space, the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL offers just the 128GB SSD, which is a bit less considering the price tag. But, this is certainly not a deal-breaker if you are looking for a quality laptop that you can count on.

Storage space is always an important factor to consider, especially if you are going to be working on heavy software that requires more space, or on large editing files.

The adequate storage space in this option allows you to use it to store large video or audio files when using editing software or other large files

Ports & Connectivity

If you are familiar with Apple’s MacBook Air lineup, then you will not be seeing anything different in the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL.

Apart from the Intel core i5 processor, you can expect the headphone jack on the left-hand side of the laptop. You also get two microphones and a MagSafe 2 power jack.

Then there are the usual suspects, the USB 3.0 port, the SDXC card slot, and the Thunderbolt 2 port, along with another USB 3.0 port just in case you need it.

The many ports and connectivity options that is available on the MMGF2ll makes this a great option for anybody who tends to save files on other drives for later use.

The connectivity options mean you have more choices when it comes to saving those precious video or audio files. It also makes working with this device a lot easier.


As far as graphics go, the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL features a dual-core 5th gen low voltage Broadwell 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 processor along with up to 8GB RAM and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 5000, which promises good all-around graphics.

With the Core i5 you’d expect to get HD graphics 6000 quality, and his Intel core i5 powered machine does not disappoint when it comes to the Intel HD graphics 6000.

This option delivers in spades when it comes to excellent display quality that really shines whether you are using it at the workplace or enjoying your favorite movies or games.

What Do Buyers Say?

The Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL enjoys some rave reviews from its fans and new users of Apple alike, and it’s easy to see why.

This Intel core i5 powered laptop comes with plenty of features that easily put it at the top of the list of the best laptops at its price point. You also get a sleek design and Apple’s unique minimalist approach to a laptop, which means this laptop is also lightweight and easy to carry around.

But, what the fans really love about the Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL is its long battery life, which allows you to get a lot of work done with ease. Users appreciate the long 12 hours battery, and the power the Intel offers with the Intel HD graphics 6000.

The powerful Intel core ensures you are able to get the most out of the large 13.3-inch display. The flash storage is another nice addition along with the dual-core processor that powers this 13.3-inch laptop. Users seem to enjoy the fast Intel core i5 in this laptop


What are the connectivity options in the Apple MacBook Air?

Unfortunately, the only options that are missing in this laptop are the HDMI and Ethernet ports. But, it makes up for it with its fast Intel core i5 processor.

Is there any bloatware in the Apple MacBook Air?

The great news is that there is no bloatware in the Apple MacBook Air that makes it a lot quicker. The dual-core Intel core i5 processor does not have to deal with any bloatware in this 13.3 inch laptop, which gets you full 12 hours of use.

What design does the Apple MacBook Air follow?

This 13.3 inch laptop follows Apple’s aluminum uni-body design that protects the fast Intel core i5 processor and other hardware.

And If the Apple MacBook MMGF211 Isn’t For You?”

If the 13.3 inch Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL is not for you, then you can try out these alternatives, one of which is larger than the 13.3 inch, Intel core i5 powered Macbook.

Samsung XE520QAB-KO2US Chromebook Plus V2

Samsung XE520QAB-KO2US Chromebook Plus 2

This is a great alternative for the Apple MacBook Air. With this laptop, you get the Intel Core M3 processor, along with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. While this laptop is lacking in some of the features that the 13.3 inch MacBook Air has to offer in terms of its fast Intel core i5 processor, you still get a 13MP camera if that is what you are looking for in a laptop. You will also have to compromise on the flash storage option.

Check out the Samsung XE520QAB-KO2US Chromebook Plus 2 here on Amazon.

Acer Swift 3 Laptop

Acer Swift 3

The Acer Swift 3 laptop is just what the doctor ordered if you are searching for an affordable laptop that’s slightly bigger than the last option. This laptop offers a 14-inch full HD IPS display along with a fast AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Octa-Core processor that’s nicely complemented with the Radeon Graphics card and 8GB RAM. You also get a fingerprint reader and Alexa if you are looking for added features. This is really not as fast as the Intel core powered 13.3 inch laptop.

Check out the Acer Swift 3 Laptop here on Amazon.


Apple MacBook Air MMGF211

Overall, the 13.3 inch Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL powered by the Intel core is a great laptop to invest in if you are looking for a fast and reliable laptop that allows you to work for hours on end without any hassle.

Since this is an Apple device, you also get to enjoy sleek features and an ergonomic design, which makes working with the 13.3 inch Apple MacBook Air MMGF2LL a breeze, especially because of its fast Intel core.

You can check out the Apple MacBook Air MMGF211 here on Amazon.

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