Best Laptops With The Longest Battery Life

Best Laptops With The Longest Battery Life

There’s nothing worse than your laptop dying in the middle of an important piece of work or a business call.

Whether you’re a student or a working professional, we’re often at the mercy of our laptop’s remaining charge with the majority of conference rooms, classrooms and modes of transport all frustratingly short on accessible power outlets.  

Therefore, if you’re on the hunt for a new laptop, battery life is likely to be one of the key factors in your decision-making process. This need for long-lasting battery power has only been enhanced with significant amounts of business work and school work now being accessed remotely.

To put it simply, good battery life ensures you can remain connected with your colleagues, family and friends without interruption. 

Best Laptops With The LongestBattery Life

Fortunately, improvements in the energy efficiency of CPUs have enabled laptops to become faster and more powerful, whilst also boasting large, long-lasting batteries.

Not only does this massively benefit the overall user experience, it ensures you don’t have to sacrifice a laptop’s processing power for longer times between charges. 

This does mean however, that there are a vast range of laptops available that boast impressive battery endurance. Therefore, picking the right laptop to suit your individual needs is a difficult task and can become a little overwhelming. So, to make things easier for you, I’ve done some of the hard work. 

Below, I’ve compiled a list of five of the best laptops on the market with long-lasting battery life. I’ve also put together a handy buyer’s guide to help remove any confusion when selecting the best product for you. 


2020 Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage) - Space Gray

The first laptop on the list is the Apple MacBook Pro M1. Equipped with the Apple M1 processor, the power, speed and overall performance of this device is unrivalled on the market.

With up to 2.8x CPU performance and 5x graphics speed, the laptop rips through complex workflows and delivers extremely fast integrated graphics. 

In terms of battery life, this laptop can last for anywhere between 16-20 hours. This remarkable, all-day endurance is the longest in any Mac to date.

So, no matter how long you’ll be without access to a power source during the day, there’s no need to worry with the MacBook Pro M1. 

Other impressive features of this laptop include a 16-core Neural Engine, 16GB of unified memory, up to 2TB SSD storage, and a top-end Retina display. The device also provides thermal efficiency, with active cooling sustaining its blazing-fast performance. 

To put it simply, if you’re looking for the fastest and most powerful premium laptop with a long-lasting battery life, you’ll do extremely well to find anything that can trump the MacBook Pro M1.  


  • Apple-designed M1 chip provides an incredible 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU and 16-core Neural Engine for advanced machine learning. 
  • Superb battery life of 16-20 hours - the longest ever in a Mac device. 
  • The 13.3” Retina display with bright LED backlighting gives images a remarkable level of detail and realism. 
  • 16GB RAM and up to 2TB SSD storage provides excellent value.
  • The M1 chip and macOS Big Sur offer advanced security and privacy features to ensure your system and data is safely protected.


  • Some users have reported issues with the device’s Bluetooth connectivity. 


ASUS ExpertBook B9 Thin Light Business Laptop 14” FHD Intel Core i7-10510U 512GB SSD 16GB RAM Military Grade Durable Up to 24hr Battery Webcam Privacy Shield Win 10 Pro Black B9450FA-XS74

If any laptop can rival the MacBook Pro M1 when it comes to battery life, it’s the Asus ExpertBook B9450.

While this laptop doesn’t quite deliver the 24 hours worth of battery life promised in the product’s specs, it still provides around 16-18 hours of plug-free power.

The device also has fast-charge technology which enables you to recharge the battery up to 60% capacity in just 45 minutes. 

Aside from its exceptional battery life, the ExpertBook B9450 is lightweight and durable, so ideal for travelling with. It also comes equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor and 512GB SSD, ensuring professional-grade performance and fast, high capacity storage. 

Other notable features of the device include a 14” Full HD display with 180-degree hinge HD IR webcam, 16GB RAM, and a LED-illuminated number pad. Comprehensive connectivity is also provided with a number of I/O ports for video output, data transfers and fast-charge support. 


  • Extensive battery life provides enough charge to last a couple of workdays.
  • Intel Core i7 processor guarantees professional-grade speed and performance. 
  • Lightweight and durable design provides excellent portability. 
  • 16GB RAM facilitates multitasking - ensuring several tabs, windows or programs can run simultaneously without delay.
  • The 14” Full HD display provides high-quality color, clarity and brightness.


  • Underside of the laptop can run extremely warm. 
  • Power button is positioned right next to the delete key which is less than ideal when working on an important piece of work. 


Acer Chromebook 314, Intel Celeron N4000, 14' Full HD Display, 4GB LPDDR4, 64GB eMMC, Gigabit WiFi, Google Chrome, CB314-1H-C884

Another laptop with an excellent battery life is the Chromebook 314 from Acer.

Whilst not quite as impressive as the previous two devices, this laptop can still last for up to 12 and a half hours, so plenty of power for a busy day at the office.  

For those who travel to work or regularly embark on long-distance journeys, this thin and lightweight laptop is well-designed for portable convenience, with effortless mobility and plenty of ports for additional accessories. 

The device has an immersive 14” Full HD IPS display with anti-glare coating which is great for working in bright-light conditions, as well as an Intel Celeron N4000 dual-core processor for efficient performance.

Other key features include 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, Intel UHD graphics, and 64GB eMMc storage.  

The Chromebook 314 is by far the cheapest laptop on this list, so if you’re looking for a budget option with good all-round performance, plenty of features, and a reliable battery life, this could be the perfect choice. 


  • Intel Celeron N4000 dual-core processor delivers good, reliable performance. 
  • Battery life of up to 12.5 hours provides more than enough power for a full day’s work. 
  • Full HD display with anti-glare coating offers good picture quality even in bright-light conditions. 
  • Thin, lightweight design provides effortless mobility on long journeys. 
  • Substantially cheaper than most other laptops on the market, so excellent value for money.


  • No touchscreen or fingerprint reader like many similar laptops on the market. 


LG gram Thin and Light Laptop - 17' (2560 x 1600) IPS Display, Intel 8th Gen Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, up to 19.5 Hour Battery, Thunderbolt 3 - 17Z990-R.AAS8U1 (2019), Dark Silver

This super-light 17” inch laptop from LG is a fantastic all-round package. Equipped with a top-end Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and 1TB of SSD storage, the LG Gram 17 is a great device for pretty much anybody. 

More importantly, this laptop has an incredible battery life. Powered by a 72Wh lithium battery, the laptop can last for around 19 hours without power.

So, while others are looking for a power outlet to charge their devices, the LG Gram 17 will still be running strong.  

There are some nice extra features too. A backlit keyboard is useful in dark environments, while the device’s touchpad supports up to four-finger multi-touch gestures.

Connectivity is also impressive, with the laptop providing a number of different ports for compatible accessories.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a highly-portable laptop with a large display and great battery life, the LG Gram 17 should be near the top of your list.  


  • Larger than usual 17” display provides excellent picture quality. 
  • Up to 19 hours of battery life due to a powerful 72Wh lithium battery. 
  • Despite the larger display, the laptop remains lightweight and portable. 
  • Intel Core i7 processor ensures reliable performance. 
  • Lots of handy features including a backlit keyboard, advanced touchpad, and multiple ports - all ideal for demanding professionals.


  • Bottom-firing speakers don’t deliver the best quality of sound.


HP - Spectre x360 2-in-1 15.6' 4K Ultra HD Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - 512GB SSD - HP Finish In Dark Ash Silver, Sandblasted Finish

The final laptop on this list is the Spectre x360 from HP. This stylish convertible has a significant battery life of up to 13 and a half hours which is hugely impressive considering the exceptional specifications of the device. 

The Spectre x360 comes equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor which elevates the laptop’s performance to the top end of the scale. It also provides a sharp 4K UHD display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. 

Other notable features include 16GB system memory, 15.6” Ultra HD BrightView touchscreen, and powerful NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics with 2GB dedicated video memory. 

All things considered, an extensive battery life of over 13 hours is remarkable.

So, whether you’re looking to stream video or browse the internet, you’ll be able to do so all day with super-fast processing speeds and immaculate image clarity. 


  • Efficient and long-lasting battery life of up to 13.5 hours. 
  • Intel Core i7 processor provides excellent and speedy performance. 
  • Powerful HD display offers top-notch color and clarity. 
  • Large storage provides more than enough space to store all your work, apps, photos, etc.


  • Wider than usual touchpad has been reported as problematic to operate by a number of users. 

Best Laptops With The Longest Battery Life Buying Guide

When it comes to finding the best laptop with a long-lasting battery, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration to ensure you get the best device for your individual needs. 

Below, I’ll take a look at some of these important areas to focus on when scouring the market for the ideal product. Giving a little extra thought to these will help steer you towards the perfect option, saving you both time and effort in the long run. 


Firstly, it’s important to consider exactly what you’re going to be using your laptop for. This will often dictate how many hours of use you’ll get out of it and how effectively you’ll be able to maximize the battery life.

For example, if you’re listening to music or watching movies all day, you’ll get significantly more unplugged time than someone who’s on business calls all day or editing images nonstop in Photoshop. 

Therefore, it’s important to take into account the nature of your specific needs when evaluating the different battery strengths of laptops on the market.

If you’re planning to perform lots of CPU-intensive or graphics-heavy work, it’s probably worth shaving a couple of hours off the advertised battery endurance. 

Ultimately, the best laptop for long-lasting battery life varies from person to person.

One laptop may be perfectly suited for an avid gamer, while a completely different laptop could be equally suitable for an aspiring artist. It all depends on the specific purpose of the device. 


The majority of people need a laptop that can be transported effortlessly without stress. Therefore, it ideally needs to be lightweight, as well as having a good enough battery life to survive long journeys.

The latter is an important factor to take into consideration when scouring the market for your perfect laptop. 

If for example, you rarely travel long distances and don’t have a lengthy commute to work or college each day, battery life may not be quite as essential.

If, on the other hand, you have daily commutes to and from work and often travel long-distance, a battery with plenty of juice is crucial.  

Specifications and Features

A laptop’s specifications will often determine how effective the battery is. For instance, recent improvements in technology have made CPUs and other vital components in laptops more power-efficient than ever. 

Many of the laptops I’ve mentioned in the list above are powered by Intel’s new Core processors which are highly-efficient at preserving power.

Importantly, this doesn’t affect the overall performance and speed of the devices. Other features such as adaptive brightness, video playback options, and battery-saver modes all contribute to conserving battery life. 

If you’re still really worried about your laptop’s battery life, you can always disable some of the features that put the highest demand on your system such as the graphical effects. 


The design of a laptop is often considered a good indicator of it’s battery capabilities.

For example, the majority of top-ranked laptops when it comes to long-lasting battery life are either traditional laptops or convertible designs with 360° display hinges. 

Detachable Windows tablets aren’t held in quite as high esteem due to the fact there’s simply no room for a sufficiently-sized battery in such a small enclosure. 

It’s worth noting that there are a couple of exceptions to the rule, most notably Microsoft’s Surface Book models which cleverly include two batteries - one in the tablet and one in base of the keyboard.

However, as a general rule, traditional and convertible-designed laptops are the best for battery life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to leave your laptop plugged in all the time? 

The majority of laptops use lithium-ion batteries which can’t be overcharged. This is because once your battery is charged to full capacity, it will simply stop charging - so it’s fine to leave it plugged in. 

If you’re running an intensive program it’s sometimes best to leave your laptop plugged in to reduce the number of discharge cycles on your battery. However, this isn’t recommended all the time, only on occasions where the battery is likely to drain quickly. 

For instance, it’s better to leave your battery at 40-50% capacity than it is to store it at 100% if you don’t intend on using it for a period of time. Degradation typically happens faster on fully charged, unattended batteries - especially at high temperatures. 

How long does the average laptop battery last? 

Most laptop batteries have a lifespan of between 2-4 years, providing around 1,000 charges. This lifespan is determined by a few different factors. 

Firstly, the material of the laptop battery. As mentioned above, the majority of laptops are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. A battery made from any other material is likely to have a significantly shorter lifespan. 

Needless to say, the amount you use the device will also determine how long the battery lasts for before giving in. Laptops that are used daily to run intensive programs and graphics-heavy software will last for a shorter period of time than laptops that are mainly used for watching movies and listening to music.   

While the battery lifespan varies from laptop to laptop, there will always be a point where your device’s battery completely stops holding a charge.

At this point, your laptop will need to be permanently plugged in to use effectively - functionally rendering it a desktop PC. 

How much does it cost to replace a laptop battery? 

The price of batteries depends on the type of laptop you own. Original batteries usually cost around double of a generic type, with laptop manufacturers viewing spare parts as a clear way of making extra money. 

The cost of these original batteries are hefty, so only consider replacing a laptop battery if it’s essential. 

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