Best Laptops for Adobe Premiere Pro

Technology is a vastly advancing concept in the 21st century, and there are now hundreds of companies and brands that produce phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

With so many options it can take forever and a day to figure out what make and model is best for you and your needs. 

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software, used often in film, tv, media educational courses, online media productions, and more.

It is one of the most popular of the many Adobe softwares that make up packages like the Adobe Creative Cloud.

In visual-aural pieces, it is often paired with other Adobe programs such as ‘After Effects’ or ‘ Audition’ for extra post-production. 

Finding a laptop that meets the requirements of these massive software programs can feel like a real headache.

They usually require a large amount of internal storage space, and even if you can just about fit the program onto your regular PC/laptop, it is going to be hard to edit and store your video files without problems.

It is fair to say that Adobe Premiere Pro is a bit high maintenance, but there are many laptops out there that meet its needs. 

So what are the best laptops for Adobe Premiere Pro? 

Let’s have a look at our top five choices.

Need a Quick Cut?

Looking for a fast answer to your problem? If you are in a hurry to find the best laptop you can for Adobe Premiere Pro, then don’t worry.

Your old laptop may have given up after many years of hard work and you need to get something in soon, something powerful so that you can be set up and on the go in minutes on opening. 

Do not worry, because we have the answers for you. If you’re in a hurry and want to find the best overall laptop for this editing software, we recommend the Dell XPS 15.6” with i7. 

We recommend this laptop because although it doesn’t carry the super high capacity of the Adobe-matched Mac’s, it is pretty close. 

It is also in the median price range for laptops that can happily and easily handle Premiere Pro. It has an i7-9500H intel core with 32GB DDR4 Ram with 1TB SSD. 

It runs on Windows 10, so you can feel familiar with its standard operations while feeling high tech.

It comes with e hexacore, up to 4Ghz as well as having useful features such as a webcam, backlit keyboard, Bluetooth 5.0, a fingerprint reader, and a wireless mouse included.

  • Very lightweight design.
  • 8 ½ hours of battery life.
  • 1x thunderbolt, 2x USB, 1 HDMI + more.


Dell XPS 15 7590 Flagship Laptop 15.6' 4K UHD OLED 9th Gen Intel Hexa-Core i7-9750H 32GB DDR4 1TB PCIe SSD 4GB GTX 1650 Thunderbolt Backlit FP MaxxAudio Win 10 + HDMI Cable

Our top pick laptop for Premiere Pro is the Dell XPS 15.6” with i7. We love this laptop as it has many features that match up close to the most compatible devices for Adobe on the market.

It also sports an i7-9500H intel core processor. This is one of the top-of-the-line features that makes it so suitable, it will slice down your render time, which is just what you need when tackling long edits on Adobe. 

Despite its medium-high market price, it is worth it. It is 4K capable, which ensures that if you are working on a production with others, you do not have to fret about quality in the edit, especially if you are hiring a cameraman and you have a hunch that he will shoot in 4K, you can match that.

Though 4K is not always required or seen as a need, it is always best to be 4K ready should it sneak up on you. 

If you have just finished studying as an editor and are working your way into the industry, this laptop is also great for you.

It will give you more than a cheaper laptop will and will give you the ability to work long hours when needed without the relentless need to plug-in every hour or so, with its long 8 ½ hour battery life.

It also is very lightweight so is easily transportable, making it easy for you to edit on public transport or if you have to stay at a hotel on a location project while you await the dailies. 

If you have been to film school you will probably know that when it comes to editing work, most institutions will praise macs, but with the Dell XPS, you get nearly everything you will with a Mac, and at a much more reasonable cost, especially for beginners or intermediates in the industry. 


  • 16:10 display.
  • 922k more pixels on 4K Ultra HD.
  • Includes; 1x thunderbolt, 2x USB, 1x HMDI out 2.0, 1x headset jack, 1x media card reader, wireless mouse, fingerprint reader, and Bluetooth.
  • Late Gen CPU and GPU.


  • Does not include typical touchscreen features. 


Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop, 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9300H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, 15.6' Full HD IPS Display, 8GB DDR4, 256GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6, Backlit Keyboard, Alexa Built-in, AN515-54-5812

If you are just starting out your editing career, or hobby, you probably don’t want to break the bank with your laptop purchase.

But, you still want something that will be able to cope with Adobe’s hardcore programming, and you will probably want to avoid getting edits that take an hour to render three minutes of footage. 

To get something that can do all this for you as you made your journey into the world of Adobe editing, you will want to consider the Acer Nitro 5 15”.

It sports an intel core i5 9300H, with 8GB Ram, GeForce Gtx 1650, 256 PCle SSD. It only weighs a subtle 5.07lbs and has five hours of battery life. 

It remains affordable whilst sporting an i5 9300H CPU, meaning for low costs you get more than enough to efficiently edit with quality and are likely to get reasonable render speed on your files.

This being said, it may be worth investing in updating your RAM or getting an external 1TB hard drive for your editing needs with this laptop. But, it is the perfect laptop for beginners in editing. 

It has many admirable features as well, such as an LED-backlit display, 256GB Pcle NVMe SSD (has two PCle M.2 slots- 1 open for easy upgrading and an available hard drive bay), it also has a built-in Amazon Alexa, a nitrosense key for commands and immersive and enhanced audio. 

It has a high-performance NVIDIA for a crisp image, and due to it being advertised as a gaming laptop, you can rely on its visual-audio abilities and its longevity. 


  • Affordable.
  • Inbuilt twin-fan cooling system.
  • Light-weight.
  • Built-in Alexa.


  • Not as advanced as other laptops, so may produce a slower render speed than an i7 core. 


ASUS ROG Strix SCAR III (2019) Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 240Hz IPS Type Full HD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, Intel Core i7-9750H, 16GB DDR4, 1TB PCIe Nvme SSD, Per-Key RGB KB, Windows 10, G531GW-DB76

Looking at our last pick, it might be obvious that gaming laptops are often a choice among editors too, this is due to the high-quality production of gaming laptops, meaning they are often made with very high memory, fast operating speeds, and optimal graphics.

These are all things that an editor also requires, and so very often gaming laptops become a choice for editors to use. That is why we are showing the best gaming laptop, that we recommend for editing use as well. 

The ASUS ROGStrix Scar III is viewed as one of the best gaming laptops, it has an intel core i7-9750H, with 16GB Ram DDR4, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, 1TB PCIe.

With a 15” screen that is full HD IPS, weighing 5.67lbs, and has a 4-hour battery life.

This best-of-the-best in gaming laptops make for good editing laptops when they are fitted with the latest CPU and GPU advances. 

If you are looking to invest in a gaming laptop that you will use for editing, it is advisable to go for a 2070RTX, going higher than 2070 is usually totally unnecessary as Premiere does not require any more than 2070. 

This laptop in particular is very popular among gamers, due to the high manufacturing quality and temperature control that outputs full power in the CPU and GPU.

Though deemed as expensive it is more affordable than many alternatives and granted a value for money in the features that a named gaming laptop provides for editing. 

It has stellar connectivity technology including connectivity via Ethernet, HDMI, USB, and WiFi.

It has a beautiful screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, 3x 3.0 USB ports, a Windows 10 operating system, and the Hard Drive has a rotational speed of 10000RPM.


  • Temperature Control features.
  • Large internal storage.
  • A gaming laptop with the latest CPU and GPU upgrades.
  • Excellent Connectivity.


  • The display may be lacking in brightness in comparison to other competing brands.


NEW Microsoft Surface Book 3 - 15' Touch-Screen - 10th Gen Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - 256GB SSD (Latest Model) - Platinum

If the Dell doesn’t quite suit you enough, but the thought of getting a Mac makes you want to scream, don’t worry, you don’t have to go IOS to get the best out of editing and Adobe.

If you want something that little bit more and have the extra bucks to fork out then maybe have a think about the Microsoft Surface Book. This is an especially good buy if you don’t just edit for video but also for photos. 

The Microsoft Surface Book is something of a dream in PC performance, with such immense versatility that it wipes the floor with other makes in its broad skill set.

It has a quadcore 10th generation intel core i7-1065G7, NVIDIA GeForce GTC Graphics with 1660 Max-Q, 16GB Ram, and a 15.4” screen that has 3240x2160 IPS.

As well as 256GB-ITB SSD with an SD card slot. If you aren’t already besotted, this laptop doubles as a tablet with its screen detachable feature. 

As a laptop and a tablet in one, it has an incredible design that simply makes it a feat of technological engineering. It has an electromagnetic latch that securely connects the tablet screen to the keyboard without so much as a wobble.

It also supports a pen input as both a laptop or as a tablet. With advanced graphics that can handle 3D gaming, video editing and can cope with those painstaking After Effects renders. As well as a glorious 1600:1 contrast ratio for drool-worthy display quality. 

It sports a battery life of 17.5 hours active or 23.2 hours on standby and has USB-A, USB-C connections, and a full-sized SD card slot.


  • Long-lasting battery life, up to nearly 24 hours on standby.
  • Versatility works as a tablet or laptop and can accommodate gaming, editing, drawing, and more. 
  • Fast intel-core.
  • Has many accessories available.


  • Heavier than other models at 7.79lbs.


2019 Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB Storage, 2.6GHz Intel Core i7) - Space Gray

If you’ve ever entered a film editing studio, done a film degree, or had a tour around editing suites, you will usually find that a majority of editors use Mac’s, whether they are Mac-PC’s or Macbooks, they’re usually the popular choice. 

In fact, Apple and Adobe are a bit like an old married couple who have had a love-hate relationship over the years that has resulted in an admirable collaboration.

For this reason, Macbooks and MAC PC’s are often favored in the film industry. In fact, even it other production-favored editing software such as AVID, Mac’s are used due to their large capacity that can withstand the heavy requirements of editing software.

This particular Mac is a very recent model and sports a 16” screen. It has a 9th generation 8 intel core i9, with 2.4Ghz, 64GB Ram, a 2TB SSD, AMD Radeon Pro, 5500m 8GB.

It has a USB-C power adapter, a USB-C charge cable, 16” retina display, a touch bar and touch ID with ultra-fast SSD.  

It also has a beautiful six-speaker system with force canceling woofers and weighs in at 7.9lbs.

For those who are freelance multi-media makers, it also provides a 720p quality webcam, which is perfect quality for live streaming. 

Though this laptop may back what some of the others have, it has the hardy internal storage space and quality display that makes for the best supporter of Adobe Softwares. 


  • Very high capacity SSD.
  • Touch ID.
  • Large screen.
  • Exceptional rendering speed.


  • Pricy, extremely so for learners or students. 

Best Laptops for Adobe Premiere Pro Buying Guide


When factoring in CPUs to the uses of Adobe Premiere Pro the main thing you need to know is that the number of cores in your CPU will make the difference between it taking days to render your footage and hours. 

If you look at frequency then this is how many operations a CPU can complete per second, and the number of cores is how many physical cores there are, and basically how many operations it is capable of running simultaneously.

Exporting with Adobe Premiere Pro usually benefits from multi-core CPUs, with a recommendation of 8 cores for footage in 1080p or 10 cores for footage in 4k.

Consider what you will need from Adobe and your laptop before purchasing and if you need a multitasking laptop, get one with more cores. The more cores the better. 


How much RAM you need is totally depending on the average lengths of your cuts. You will benefit from more RAM until you are capable of fitting all your content in your memory.

That being said Adobe Premiere usually takes up to 7GB when cutting an hour-long movie, when you add other applications and your operating system it can easily hit that 8GB fast.

Although if you are just using Premiere Pro, any more than 16GB of RAM could cause less impressive returns.

Yet, if you are an After Effects user, it won’t hurt to invest in a laptop with 32GB of RAM, as it works better on projects when it has RAM to spare. 

Frequently Asked Questions

“Why do photographers prefer Mac?” 

There are many reasons why Photographers lean towards Mac’s, the historical reason is that in the 1990s Mac was seen as the device for the creative types and while Windows fought with complications into the early ’00s, Mac’s continued to upgrade as did their users.

It is also partially due to the interconnectivity of all Apple devices that makes things easier for multitasking in creatives.

The final reason would be in the color accuracy and retina display quality that Mac’s offer for photographers for whom this feature is imperative. 

“How much RAM do I need to edit 4K footage?”

While normal footage would require a minimum of 16GB RAM, 4K or 6K would require a minimum of 32GB RAM.

The data needs to be quickly accessible so the RAM storage speed needs to match the requirements.

Otherwise, you are looking at slow performances regardless of the quality of everything else. 

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