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Laptop hardware has seen a significant improvement over the past few years. We’ve seen memory, graphics, and processors get way faster along with many other tech perks that have also been added to the mix. This has also resulted in a bump in the prices of gaming and professional laptops (not that gamers aren’t professionals).

This high price tag often means that for many folks (self-included), purchasing the latest awesome laptop isn’t an option. But, there’s no more need to deprive yourself of all the awesomeness of technology (or Windows 10). That’s right. If you do feel that your current laptop is in serious need of an upgrade, then you don’t have to surrender your life’s savings. Instead, just get a laptop that offers you solid graphics and respectable hardware on a budget, such as the HP Notebook 15-ay011nr.

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HP Notebook – 15-ay011nr

HP Notebook – 15-ay011nr

So, what’s all the fuss about?

It’s just another budget laptop. Well, you could say that.

You could also say the Ferrari F430 is just another budget ride for Ferrari fanboys. Another reason why the HP Notebook ay011nr is a great choice is that replacing individual components can be an expensive affair. So, why not just invest in the HP Notebook, which is a more viable option.

Design / Build Quality / Durability

The first thing that you notice with the HP Notebook 15is that it has an extremely elegant design, with sleek rounded features and a light frame. The premium metal polish and aluminum finishing easily gives this laptop a top-shelf appearance.

It also means that the cover remains relatively scratch-proof. The luxurious aesthetics in the HP Notebook has been extended to other areas, such as the features.


Under the hood, this laptop is powered by the Intel Core i5-6200U processor. While this is considered to be a mid-level processor at best, it does offer a decent amount of power that enables the user to get the job done.

Being the i5, you get to have the horsepower that is somewhere in the middle between Intel processors. It offers a hassle-free performance, whether you are using it to play your favorite games or get the job done at the office.

The HP Notebook 15 now has a processor that has two physical cores, which enables it to clock in at a speed of around 2.8GHz. The processor also supports HyperThreading if you are looking to get that extra oomph.

The heavy-duty processor means that you can get more done faster, even when completing the most challenging tasks. The HP Notebook also allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously without any hiccups or the dreaded unexpected freeze.

Portability (Size and Weight)

When it comes to size, the HP Notebook comes in dimensions 38.4 x 25.5 x 2.37 cm, and has a total weight of around 2 kgs, which is slightly more than what you’d expect.

But, then again, this is a budget laptop, so you can’t get everything. However, despite its heavyweight, the HP Notebook 15-ay011nr does fit nicely in a laptop bag and is easy to carry around.

Battery Life

The HP Notebook 15 is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, which is the standard fare for budget laptops. The HP Notebook 15-ay011nr is no different. This battery offers quick charging capability, and once fully charged, can last for a maximum of 6 hours.

However, if you’re using the HP Notebook for tasks that require heavy processing power, that time could decrease significantly.

That being said, the average 6-hour run time of this budget laptop means that you will have more than enough power to get you through the day with relative ease while still working on Windows 10 and enjoying Intel HD quality picture.


The HP Notebook 15 has a lot going on for it when it comes to its overall design. For example, the first thing that you will notice when you open the lid is its exquisitely designed keyboard, which features large keys that are easy to press and offer great coverage.

The size and placement of the keys ensure that you can type away for many hours to come without feeling any sort of discomfort.

Many HP fans are also going to appreciate the small tweaks that have been made to the design. For instance, many users looking for functionality when investing in a budget laptop will be glad to know that the HP Notebook 15 features physical Trackpad “click” buttons.

The Trackpad buttons that have been integrated into its design are great to look at and are quite intuitive as well. This alone makes the HP Notebook 15 a smart choice for all those who are looking for the best functionality when searching for a budget laptop.

Display Quality & Screen Size

The HP Notebook 15 allows you to enjoy some crisp images with its 15.6-inch display. The high resolution of 1080p makes it an absolute joy to work and play on the HP Notebook 15. The heavy-duty display was expected of this budget laptop, especially after HP had announced of their new lineup of budget laptops a while ago.

Since screen resolution and size are key factors in the decision-making process, it is good to see that the folks at HP understood the need and are giving us a large 15.6-inch screen with 1920 x 1080 screen resolution. Thanks to the core i5 6200u processor, you get to enjoy HD graphics which is easy on the eyes.


With the lowish price, you really can’t complain about what you get in the HP Notebook 15-ay011nr.

This is a pure budget laptop that’s been designed for a specific niche.

It’s a pretty sweet deal when you think about what you’re getting; a large 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080 screen, the core i5 6200u processor, Intel HD graphics 520, plenty of power, and lots of space with the optical drive and USB 3.0, along with Windows 10, so what more could you ask for in a budget laptop?


The HP Notebook 15 comes with 8GB of RAM, which is a nice addition to this laptop, considering its price. This also ensures that you can carry out a decent number of tasks at the same time without heating up the rig.

If you are looking to get everyday tasks done at the office or play some light-on-the-processor games, then the 8GB of RAM should do nicely while working with graphics 520 and the Intel HD graphics.

The inclusion of HD graphics 520, coupled with the attractive OS Windows 10, ensures that you get to enjoy HD graphics and an exceptional display.

Storage Space

The HP Notebook 15 boasts of a large storage space, and this is incredible when you see that it’s a budget laptop. This machine comes with a 1 TB HDD optical drive, which is more than enough for completing any task.

While this is a lot of storage space, you might need to invest in additional space if you’re looking to use this laptop for editing or other heavy-performance tasks. The large hard drive is great for storage of HD graphics 520 videos and other content that contain HD graphics in the hard drive.

Ports & Connectivity

One of the main selling points of the HP Notebook 15 is that it offers plenty of additional features.

You get a media reader, USB 2.0, and optical drivers that have been integrated into the right-hand side of the laptop. On the opposite side is the USB 2.0, USB 3.0, RJ-45 HDMI, the 3.5mm headphone ports, and the combo jack.

You have to admit, these are some great features for a budget laptop. So, this laptop clearly has more to offer than just the quality of HD graphics 520 and a large hard drive.


The full HD resolution of the HP Notebook 15 means that you get great viewing angles all around. The screen has produced some great response rates.

While the TN panels tend to drop the ball when it comes to viewing angles, the HP Notebook 15 does quite nicely.

The color reproduction of this laptop is great and remains true to life, even when viewing it from the sides.

However, it is not advised to play demanding games despite it having graphics 520 and a large hard drive. The HD graphics in this laptop is more for boosting the display graphics than powering processor heavy games.

What Do Buyers Say?

Overall, the HP Notebook 15 has received some impressive customer ratings.

This is mainly because of the fact that you get plenty of features, some of which you can only find in laptops at a higher price point. You get all of these features in an attractive laptop that can be yours if you are on a budget.

Considering its reasonable price tag, this laptop has a lot to offer in terms of graphics display, such as a powerful core and HD graphics 520 card that delivers an exceptional viewing experience. Apart from the HD graphics 520 and the intel core i5 processor, you also get plenty of storage space and long battery life.


What processor does the HP Notebook 15 work on?

This laptop is powered by the Intel Core i5 processor.

How much RAM does the HP Notebook have?

8GB of RAM

How big is the screen size?

This laptop comes with a large 15.6-inch screen.

…And If the HP Notebook isn’t For You?

If you did not like something about the HP Notebook 15, then here are some alternatives that you can judge as well that come with HD graphics 520.

Asus Chromebook C523NA

Asus Chromebook C523NA

The C523NA offers some great features for those who are on a budget. You can up to 4GM of RAM, which is less than half of what the HP Notebook has to offer. You also get up to 65 GB eMMC, which also does not come close to the HP Notebook. When it comes to the screen, you do get a similar size in the 15.6-inch screen that allows you to enjoy your favorite movies and games in HD.

Buy the Asus Chromebook C523NA on Amazon.

Dell Latitude E6540 15-inch Laptop

Dell Latitude E6540 Laptop

This laptop comes with up to 8 GB of RAM. There’s no internal space, but you do get 240GB SSD and the Intel Core i5 processor that clocks at 2.5GHZ, slightly slower than the HP Notebook. The E6540 is also heavier as compared to the HP Notebook ay011nr, so if you’re looking for a budget laptop to carry around, you will be better off choosing the latter. However, this does not come with the HD graphics 520 display.

Buy the Dell Latitude E6540 Laptop here on Amazon.


HP Notebook 15 ay011nr

The HP Notebook ay011nr ticks all of the boxes when it comes to features you would expect to find in a budget laptop, along with a marvelous HD graphics 520 display. It is easy to see that the folks at HP have spent some time going back to the drawing board to get their budget offering right, and it has worked.

If you are looking for a laptop that offers a generous screen size, HD graphics 520 quality, and awesome features and comes with an affordable price tag, then the HP Notebook ay011nr should be right up your alley.

Take a look at the HP Notebook 15 ay011nr on Amazon.

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